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Why engage the Blue Marlin Group....

The Blue Marlin Group, a research recruitment solution, is revolutionizing the way you acquire your most valuable resource: Personnel. As all experts in business say, “information is power” and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve developed a recruitment strategy that empowers employers to gain access to 100% of the candidates that currently exist in the market.

The Traditional Approach

Most companies and traditional recruitment firms post job advertisements on the web in the hope that the right candidate will apply. Unfortunately, a mere 20% of the workforce actively pursues alternate employment on a regular basis and a large portion of the 20% are either unemployed or underqualified.
Adding to the difficulty are the 4 million jobs posted online every month, with an average of 300 active candidates applying to each posting. Competing with area companies and traditional recruitment firms for the 20% of active candidates is simply a waste of your company’s time, money and resources.

The Blue Marlin Approach

You will suddenly have access to the other 80%. These are the experienced, reliable employed professionals who are positively impacting your competitors daily and who are too busy to respond to job postings. The Blue Marlin Group is a recruitment firm with a true head hunter mentality. Through a variety of proprietary methods, social media outlets, lead groups and associations, our research recruitment group continually identifies your industry’s leading candidates regardless of their employment status. We leverage these relationships to enhance our candidate pipeline and present our client opportunities as they come available. By tapping into 100% of the workforce, BMG clients enjoy the luxury of reviewing the large majority of passive candidates our competitors were unaware even existed.

Service Offerings

From contingency and executive search to contract staffing and temp-to-hire, BMG offers a menu of options that allows our clients and candidates to consider which is right for them.  We consult with both sides to determine their desired outcome of the partnership.  Once we identify a match, BMG fosters the client / candidate relationship from the initial interview, to the offer stage and  well beyond.

Areas of Expertise

Constant change in the job market and advances in technology have altered candidate expectations and the physical layout of the recruitment process altogether. The market is saturated with staffing and recruiting firms that rely solely on traditional job boards; and the vast majority of company's that insource their recruitment needs have internal staff employing similar, archaic methods.

BMG specializes in rapidly identifying, vetting and presenting "unknown" candidates using high-tech methods and a high-touch, personalized process.